November, 2014

American culture tells us clearly that bigger is better; that buying and owning more can bring us happiness. But actually, isn’t having real human connection and doing what you love even better? Decide for yourself how much stuff is enough for you and what your priorities are. The more you own the more you have to manage. The less you own the more time and space you gain.

December, 2014

It’s easier to live in the present when you’re organized. Less dwelling on the past, less worrying about the future, more time appreciating life as it happens.

March, 2015

Here comes the sun!

Spring is on the way, bringing this long, cold winter finally to an end. Many of us have felt immobilized and cooped up but now it’s time to thaw out and feel the early spring energy rushing in. Fashion update: snow boots are out, sneakers are in. Down jackets, out, light fleece in.

This is a great time to fill your garbage and recycling bins every week, and take  carloads of donations to your favorite charity. See if you can create more open space inside so instead of just spring cleaning you can have spring clearing. Then you’ll be happier at home while you wait for the blossoms to bloom!


September, 2015

… And there goes the heat …

The heat and humidity of summer are hopefully behind us, and fall is on the way bringing fresh air and a burst of organizing energy. Open your window and take a deep breath! This is a great time to look around and pick a room or project that needs attention. Visually and functionally what needs fixing in your home?

Sometimes 2 or 3 sessions with a Professional Organizer can be all you need to help you settle on a project, define goals and priorities, break the job into manageable chunks, overcome inertia and get you on your way. Good luck with your organizing projects this fall, and let me know if you need any help.

March, 2016

Organizing as a daily practice

Do things accumulate in your living spaces, and organizing feels like a huge task that you dread? When people take time to de-clutter their spaces, and then commit to putting things away every day, they have no dread! Instead they have a sense of control and accomplishment. They can have guests over with little preparation. They are more relaxed and happy in their homes. For them, straightening up after each activity is an automatic habit. Things are used, things get put back!

September, 2017

Climbing up and over the acquiring hill

As we get older our interests begin to shift. Many people want to stop collecting, and start lightening up on possessions. They enjoy their homes more when there is less visual clutter and less to take care of. Time feels more precious, and they want to spend more of it on meaningful experiences and less on managing and cleaning their homes.

What’s on the other side of your acquiring hill?

October, 2018


Home can be about friends, family, heart, soul, beauty, possibility. Or it can be full of reminders of the past, piles and boxes, things to manage, things to do. What is your home about?

May, 2019


When you finish an organizing project and are able to maintain the change you experience a pleasant sense of satisfaction each time you see it. It’s one less thing to worry about, and one more thing that boosts your energy and confidence.