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Judy Hersh has been a real blessing for our family! In the midst of my husband’s illness she has helped me set up an offie, worked on decluttering our home, assisted with a huge party, all while working on bill paying and time management. In addition to her creative organizing skills Judy is a great listener and encourager.

CMB, Weston

“Judy has worked with me for many years and, in that time, has been the answer to my prayers. I’m a terrible slob yet she has never made me feel ashamed of my messes. She has been delightful, cheerful company as she escorts me through activities I would liken to listening to nails scratch a chalk board. She has a great sense of organization. I’ve also tried a few other organizers and have found her counsel to be the most sensible and useful. She truly ranks as indispensable!”

CB, Newton, MA

“Having been a very organized person my whole life, I found myself in a chaos that I could not get out of. I had to move my aging mother suddenly and during the move I did not have time to sort out all of her belongings. I simply dumped it into a room my house. I tried numerous times to tackle this project but there was so much and too many feelings attached to much of it.
In the span of several hours Judy was able to help me sort out what to keep, what to get rid of. I trusted her taste and opinion. She was very empathetic, yet very pragmatic. I especially liked her suggestion to simply enjoy my mother’s china on my table whenever I wanted and not to save it for special occasions as I was brought up. Judy made this organizing project easy, fun and shockingly productive. If you are looking to downsize, organize or simply get your house in order, I highly recommend Judy Hersh.”

SBR, Newton, MA

“Judy is, without a doubt the best. Calming and non-judgemental. Able to put people at ease and bring around change in a calm yet professional way. If you need help organizing and sorting a single room or a whole house, you have to give Judy a try. You will be thrilled with your choice.”

JD, Waltham, MA

“Judy has helped me periodically for over a year in my home office. I had accumulated piles of paper on my desk, and wasn’t utilizing my files which were poorly labelled and out of date. I felt overwhelmed at even approaching a way to organize my “mess.” Judy was like a fairy godmother, who knew before I did what system would be easiest for me to manage. She listened carefully to me, and then worked alongside me in a way that was both empowering, and a relief! Now I have a desk that’s (mostly) clear. I know where to file papers and retrieving them is much easier. I highly recommend Judy to anyone needing to work on their paper at home!”

FM, Amherst, MA

“I’m a plane ride away from my elderly mom who lives in an apartment with part-time home health aides. Judy  has been through my mom’s place top to bottom, getting rid of clutter, finding important papers and setting up files. She stops in periodically now to help my mom handle her calendar, to sort the mail,  help with banking, and to let me know about any issues that arise. She is an extra pair of eyes, ears and hands. My mom always looks forward to Judy’s visits; she likes and trusts her and is extremely grateful for the help Judy has provided. She/we could not have managed without the assistance of this warm and super-competent professional.”

AH, Minnesota

“Thanks Judy for helping to organize our closets and drawers, and labeling everything so well that everyone in the house knows where to put things back. I’m amazed at how easy it is to find things now!”

GB, Newton, MA

“This cheerful, unflappable woman saved me from despair after my parents’ deaths when I faced mountains of cardboard boxes filled with family photographs, letters and records. Not only did she help me organize all of that, but she also kept me focused so I could finish a book I was writing.”

BW (age 67), Newton, MA

“Judy has been an invaluable resource to our family. When my mother, who has Alzheimer’s, was faced with the difficult transition from independent apartment living to assisted living, Judy made the transition run more smoothly than any of us could have hoped for. She began by organizing the apartment to help my Mom cope with basic day-to-day tasks. She was there to check in on my Mom and organize the cluttered apartment in preparation for the move. She helped pack the apartment for the move, culled the things that wouldn’t be needed and helped organize and set up the new apartment on moving day. She continues to check in on my mother since the move to assisted living, helping with the little jobs that fall through the cracks, such as cleaning out her purse, managing her clothes and toiletries. She gladly lets Judy help her with the jobs she would never let her sons help with. She’s truly like the daughter my mom never had.”

JC, Bedford, MA

“I’ve been working with Judy for several years on periodic projects in my home office. She patiently coaxes me through the organizing projects that I’ve been avoiding. She’s skilled, flexible, and a pleasure to work with.”

MB, Weston, MA

“We definitely couldn’t have made the move without you.  First you reduced the amount of stuff we had. Next, you measured everything perfectly, including how many books would fit in.”

HK, Cambridge, MA