Judy Hersh, CPO®

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I am a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®) who has been helping adults and seniors get and stay organized in the greater Boston area for 20 years.

I am a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and NAPO New England. I attend frequent continuing education classes to keep current with best practices in the organizing field.

Prior to organizing, I worked for many years as a Physical Therapist. Now instead of helping people improve their physical function, I help people function better at home.  I enjoy the same positive, motivational relationship with my organizing clients as I did with my physical therapy clients. I am calm, congenial, and collaborative, and I am committed to working in both a fun and productive manner.  My organizing services are completely confidential.

Do you feel overwhelmed by a home organizing project?

Maybe you have boxes or piles to attack.  Or you’re planning a move but don’t know where to begin.  Perhaps you need to set up a workable system for your papers. Maybe you’d like to do a sweep of your storage spaces to rid yourself of everything you no longer need.

I can work with you on a short-term basis to finally complete that home organizing project you’ve been avoiding.

Are you chronically disorganized?

Is it hard for you to create systems that you can stick with?  Have you often had trouble managing your time, your stuff, your papers and your life?  Is it stressful having friends over because your house feels too messy? Are you always searching for lost items? Do you sometimes wonder if you have ADHD?

I have experience working with many chronically disorganized clients to create solutions and help maintain positive changes.

Are you a senior or the child of a senior?

Would you like to pare down your paper and possessions?  Could you (or your parent) use a hand to pay bills, organize important papers, get things sold or donated, help with banking and shopping, organize photos and memorabilia or get papers ready for tax time?

I help seniors take care of their business at home. I can coordinate with you, your children and other care providers to keep you in charge and independent. And if you’re planning a move, I can help with some or all of the move coordination.